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2 things about child custody in California that just aren’t true

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Child Custody and Visitation

Getting a divorce when you share kids with your spouse is one of the hardest things you may ever endure. After all, your divorce won’t just affect you. It will also impact your children.

Like most parents, you want to do all you can to lessen the trauma of divorce for your children. One of the most beneficial and easy ways to do this is to separate fact from myth. Knowing the truth may help you minimize the negativity of divorce for your kids.

1. There’s no flexibility in child custody orders

Many parents believe they cannot depart from their parenting schedule by as little as a few minutes. Minor deviations (extended overnights, etc.) may be okay but avoid habitual alterations. Instead, ask the court to modify your custody order if your plan isn’t working.

How does this help kids? Flexibility when plans or schedules change can lower stress and prevent custody conflicts that could upset children.

2. Teenagers always get to choose where they live

Most family courts consider the preferences of mature children when making custody decisions. However, judges must make decisions that serve their best interests, regardless of their wishes or age. That means courts consider many factors when they make these critical decisions.

How does this help kids? It ensures custody orders and parenting time schedules support the need for a stable and safe home environment at all ages.

The decisions you make when divorcing as a parent may affect all your lives for months or years. Leave misconceptions behind and get the facts you need to foster a positive post-divorce future for you and your children.