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Using Premarital And Postmarital Agreements To Create Expectations And Protections

Any couple can benefit from a marital agreement, regardless of their age, their wealth or the length of their marriage. Premarital and postmarital agreements create a clear directive around your possessions and can offer much needed guidance both throughout your life and in the wake of your passing.

At Dinnebier & Demmerle, you have access to certified family law specialists with decades of experience. Our award-winning team guides you to a marital agreement that eases your mind and supports your goals. Schedule an appointment at our Tustin office at 714-598-3714.

Who Benefits From Marital Agreements?

There are many circumstances that may lead you to wanting a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement. This legal tool can be critical for couples with:

·        Preexisting assets, especially those with large investments, pensions, retirement plans or property

·        Children from a previous marriage when one partner would like to reserve some premarital property specifically for the children

·        Business interests prior to marriage, particularly for individuals who are partners or sole proprietors

Marital agreements are useful in a wide variety of circumstances. Requesting a marital agreement does not mean you are preparing for divorce; instead, it means that you are making your goals and desires clear. Take the time to set boundaries and expectations so that your marriage has space to grow.

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