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Is The Thought Of Co-Parenting Giving You Anxiety? Let Us Help.

The American Community Survey showed that across Orange County, almost 19% of children live in single-parent homes. This means one crucial thing: you are not alone. The legal road ahead of you is well-traveled.

At Dinnebier & Demmerle, we understand that your child is your number one thought when you make decisions. Our firm has 25 years of experience at the forefront of family law, and we treat your family with the attention to detail and the compassion you deserve.

Stable Environments Are The Foundation For Healthy Childhoods

A custody plan can help you ensure your child has the right conditions and setting to grow to their full potential. When our office represents you in child custody disputes, we prioritize:

  • Health and safety: Your child has unique family dynamic, medical history or other requisites. Our team develops child custody plans that provide for your child’s well-being whenever and wherever possible.
  • Education: As you negotiate, you and your co-parent will need to consider your child’s schooling, extracurricular activities and other educational goals. We facilitate these conversations in neutral environments.
  • Positive relationships: Is your child close with a grandparent? Is their other parent creating a loving space for them? All of these are considerations as our attorneys move forward.

The court always works to support the child’s best interest, and we can help shed light on your family dynamic and your long-term needs. As those needs change, we also advocate for appropriate changes to your legal agreements.

Get Clarity In Your Custody Agreement

To discuss your child custody options and how to preserve your parent-child relationship, call us today at 714-598-3714.