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Client Testimonials

Derrick L. – I met with Ken Demmerle this week to discuss a prenup. I really liked him; he was very friendly and down to earth. He didn’t try to push anything and offered a very reasonable flat fee rate for his services. He went over in detail what would be covered and not covered legally. I definitely will refer him to my friends.

Andrew – This attorney has years of experience and has been fair and ethical throughout a long, long divorce. Communication has been excellent. One good sign: Other attorneys and courthouse personnel all seem to know and like him. At times, I wish he was a cutthroat attorney, but that was my anger, and his approach was to get through the process with as few hassles and fights as possible. The opposing party was constantly hostile and unreasonable, but he kept to the plan and seemed to really care about his clients’ best interests. If your goal is to damage someone you may do better elsewhere but if you want to come out with the best possible position, I would recommend him.

Family Client – Funny, I just had dinner with several good friends two nights ago. They could not thank me enough for the referral of Richard Dinnebier for their divorce or their children’s and several of their friends divorce! The comments that he is amazing, honest, knows the law and his work, professional, can turn any situation into a resolution. People who have fired other attorneys say that he is outstanding. I know Richard on a personal level and is by far the nicest person you will meet. From that night, I had seven people that had used Richard and could not thank me enough for such a great attorney! That makes you feel good. Especially when you refer an attorney!! Richard is an outstanding, wonderful person, and he has helped so many people get a good result in such a traumatic time in their life! I highly recommend and am lucky to know him. Richard has helped me twice personally, and I will never forget how he handled each situation; he is awesome!

Divorce Client – Richard Dinnebier did my divorce several years ago, and I recommend him unequivocally. He was professional, knowledgeable and always returned my calls in a timely manner when I had questions. He knows family law inside and out, and always was a calm and effective advocate for my interests. Divorce is never pleasant, but I believe Mr. Dinnebier made my experience as painless as possible while getting me the best outcome. When the process was complete, he handwrote a note on my final invoice: “Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.” I have recommended him to several friends, and everyone has been completely impressed with him and his work. I highly recommend him.

Divorce Client – Ken is a very strong attorney. He has a friendly demeanor that makes it easy to work with him, yet at the same time you feel comfortable that he knows exactly what he is doing. He explores all of the angles and always had the answers to any questions that I might have had. The divorce itself was long and drawn out having nothing to do with Ken. I was impressed that he stayed as in tune with the case for how long it went on. I would definitely recommend Ken to anyone needing his services.

Family Client – I am an attorney with 30 years of experience and hired Ken to handle a very complex post-divorce property dispute with an ex-spouse who was borderline. Ken did a very effective job of keeping me calm, unemotional and focused. He is one of the best attorneys I have ever encountered.

Divorce Client – I cannot say enough about Ken. I was referred to him by my cousin for some family law matters. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with. He was patient, followed up very well to calls and emails, and most of all his work product was great. What else would a client want?

Family Client – Ken is a hardworking and dedicated attorney who is trustworthy and credible. He is a subject matter expert who understood what I requested, added creativity, created value and exceeded my expectations. Ken is thorough, detail-oriented and always available to answer questions. Ken delivers a tremendous amount of value for the fees he charges. It was a pleasure to work with Ken. Should the need arise, Ken is my “go to” guy, and I strongly recommend his work.