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How to tell your parents you are getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Divorce

Talking to your spouse and children, if you have any, about your divorce may not be the end of this conversation. You may need to inform other parties, including your parents. 

How you tell your parents about your decision may differ from others because they may have been more invested in the marriage.

Here is how you can do it:

Have the conversation face-to-face

It will be best to talk to your parents about the divorce face-to-face. Thus, it may be best to go to their house. However, if they live far away, you can call them. Ensure you have adequate time to talk to them and do so in a private place. 

Tell them the reason

While you may not need to tell other parties the reason for the divorce, it helps if your parents know. They don’t need to know every detail but the primary reason that made the marriage irreconcilable. Accordingly, it can make it easier for them to understand the situation and determine the best ways to support you.

Nonetheless, it may not be best to blame anyone. Neutral statements should work. Examples include “We’ve tried everything, but it’s not working” or “We’ve chosen to go our separate ways.”

Tell them your plan

Parents are always worried about their kids’ future. Therefore, when you tell your parents about the divorce, they may have questions about aspects you may not have considered yet. 

Therefore, it may help to have a plan in mind. Of course, you may not have figured out everything but let them know you have thought about your new life.

It can be helpful to inform your parents about your divorce. You should also consider legal guidance to make informed decisions.