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7 reasons why couples divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Divorce

It seems like divorce rates rise every year. There are all kinds of reasons someone may want a divorce.

If you’re having marital issues, then you may need to look at the following reasons why your situation could lead to divorce. Even if you’re not yet committed to the idea of ending your marriage, evaluating the warning signs can help you to make informed choices.

1. Arguing and conflict

One of the biggest reasons for divorce is that spouses are constantly fighting. Constant arguing and conflict can quickly cause resentment between spouses. In some cases, there may be issues that don’t resolve and seed anger and hate.

2. Commitment issues

Some people marry because they think it’s the right thing to do. But when couples don’t dedicate themselves to each other, then couples may not truly feel they are responsible for anything that happens in the marriage.

3. No intimacy

Oftentimes people begin to be less intimate after marriage because they must give more attention to their job or children. When this happens, couples may begin to drift apart, which can lead to cheating.

4. Cheating

Speaking of cheating, this is also another cause for divorce. People may seek other forms of intimacy if their marriage is full of fighting and commitment issues. When a spouse finds out about the other’s private affairs, then they may feel deceived.

5. Addiction

Many people have addiction problems before and after marriage. Some people can manage their addiction successfully, but stress can lead people to use heavy substances. This can then lead to someone having emotional issues or physical altercations with their spouse. Addiction can also lead to the next cause of divorce: financial issues.

6. Financial issues

When people marry, they typically share finances. While in many cases this isn’t an issue, there can be problems if one spouse has a spending problem. A marriage would very likely have issues if one partner found their spouse spending all of their savings or accumulating a ton of debt.

7. Early marriage

While it’s rare, some people marry at a young age. Later in life, couples may feel as if they are held down from exploring the world because of their marriage or that they have simply grown apart.

If you believe that you may be headed for a divorce, you should be aware of all of your legal options so that you can make informed choices.