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Will a prenup spell disaster for your marriage?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements

The internet is full of misinformation about marriage – many articles spread myths about how a marriage can turn sour with just a few minor mistakes. One such myth revolves around prenups and how creating one can cause a marriage to fall apart. This belief may be far from true.

Many people don’t realize that a prenup can strengthen and clarify their commitment to each other. Even getting a postnup later in a marriage can reestablish a couple’s obligations. Here’s what you should know:

Setting boundaries and obligations in a marriage

A prenup acts as a safety precaution to protect assets if there’s a divorce. The content of a prenup can vary greatly, but they typically involve alimony and asset inventory. Having a prenup helps ease asset distribution in the divorce process. This legal document can cut back on legal fees and speed up the divorce process.

One of the many things couples fear is that getting a prenuptial agreement will foreshadow their divorce. In their minds, even the mere mention of divorce could cause it to come true. This mentality about prenups may likely lead to a divorce, not the formation of a prenup itself.

Prenups may help couples realize that divorce is always a possibility, but it doesn’t mean a divorce is guaranteed to happen. Talking about a prenup may lead couples to realize their intent in marriage and how marriage benefits them both in the immediate future and long run. It’s often hard for couples to talk about finances and a prenup may help them step out of their comfort zone.

Anything can happen during a marriage. Your spouse may build up an overwhelming amount of debt or you may find yourself unemployed for several years, putting strain on the marriage. Whatever happens, a prenup may be there to help define obligations in marriage.

It’s important to note that prenups can be amended or revoked during the marriage. Postnuptial agreements may be made to revise prenups. Couples frequently expand their assets and finances, especially in a long-term marriage. A postnup benefits couples who wish to adjust what assets are protected (business, inheritance, investments, etc.).

You won’t prophesize a divorce with a prenup or postnup. Creating a plan for your assets is about the safety and security of the future.