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Why have more people started using mediation for divorces?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Divorce

There are those who will tell you that the best revenge is living well. If you want to live well after the end of your marriage, you need to take steps during your divorce to lay the foundation for a positive future.

When you consider the end of your marriage, it is easy to fall victim to an adversarial mindset. You see your ex as the enemy and someone whom you want to defeat in court. However, especially if you share children and will need to share custody of them, that approach can do more harm than good.

An increasing number of people in recent years have turned to mediation as a way to reduce the conflict in their divorce.

How mediation helps

When you don’t agree about how to split your property or divide parental responsibilities, you and your ex may become emotional when trying to resolve those disagreements. If you take the matter to court, you will have to wait months to resolve the issues, and there is much opportunity for animosity to develop while you wait. Both of you will suffer from increased stress levels, and the unresolved conflict can strain your co-parenting relationship.

When you go to mediation, you can settle things quickly, before you go to court. You work with a neutral professional and your individual lawyers to work out a compromise for your disagreements. You sign a document at the end of the process that then plays a role in your uncontested divorce filing. A judge will eventually approve your mediation agreement and finalize your divorce.

Why people choose mediation

Mediation allows you to start working together instead of fighting each other, which can be good for people about to share custody. Mediation also keeps your personal matters private because you don’t have to fight in court.

Since you will spend significantly less time in court, mediation will keep your costs lower than they might be in a litigated divorce. You have the best chance of living well when you minimize your conflicts and stress while also potentially reducing how much it costs you to end your marriage. Learning more about mediation and other alternative approaches to dissolution can help those considering filing for divorce.