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How can you make sharing custody easier for your kids?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Child Custody and Visitation

When you have a custody agreement where your child splits their time between two homes, it is easy for problems to arise.

If you think back to when you all lived under the same roof, you will remember school mornings could be hectic. Just as you finally had all the kids in the car, one would remember they had forgotten something vital, such as an item of sports kit, a permission note for a school trip, or a piece of homework due today.

Now your child is splitting their time and their things between two homes,  so you can expect these moments to increase. A little planning can help reduce these and other last-minute dramas. Here are some tips:

Share a calendar

Having something marked on the calendar on your wall is no good if your child is with the other parent. Open an online calendar that you both have access to. If your child is old enough to have a phone, they can also access it. That way, you are all on the same page.

Share information

If your ex has a reputation for being the perfect parent that never misses a school event, it might be tempting to get back at them by omitting to mention the school brought an important meeting forward. Yet it is your kid who will suffer the most. Responsible co-parenting means keeping each other informed.

Keep some basics in each house

Kids grow fast, so you might not want to spend on two sets of clothes when they soon grow out of them. Yet a few essential spares kept in each house can help avoid those Monday morning panics when your kid tells you they left something at the other house.

Sharing parenting is not easy, but remember, your child may find it even harder. By working together, you make it easier for everyone.