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How to break the news of divorce to your children

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Divorce

When you have finally decided to divorce your spouse, breaking the news to your children can be difficult.  The children’s age matters, and if they are not old enough to understand why their parents will be living separately, it is necessary to let it down easy on them.

Remember, how you break the news to your children will determine how they will cope with the divorce. For a smooth transition to a new lease of life, the children need to understand the current state of affairs. Here are some helpful tips.

Do it alongside your co-parent

Ideally, both parents should be involved in making the kids aware of the divorce. That way, the children will understand that both their parents are in this together, and accepting the decision will be easier.

Do not delve into the details

It may be wise to spare the children some details regarding the divorce, especially if they are quite young. Explain that you will no longer be living together and leave out the unnecessary bits – like the reasons that led to the divorce.

Importantly, you need to let them know that they had nothing to do with the divorce.

Assure them of your love

Children may feel neglected and even start blaming themselves for the divorce. Therefore, you need to assure them that you will continue being there for them as their parents. It will help them calm any fears they could have, such as what the future has in store given the current situation.

Listen and answer any questions

Encourage your children to ask any questions and communicate their feelings. The sudden news may elicit a range of emotions from anger to frustration, and you need to help them through it all. Listening to what your children have to say will help you ascertain how they have taken the news about the divorce.

The conversation with your children is never easy. However, it is one of those inevitable things you have to deal with as you navigate the divorce process.