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Your online presence can affect your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Divorce

The time of social media being a new and novel idea has long gone. Social media is now generally regarded as a routine form of communication. Many people choose to utilize social media messaging services, but it is still quite popular to share your thoughts, views and feelings in posts among all of your friends, and often the wider public.

Does your behavior online impact your current divorce case? In short, the answer is yes. Outlined below are some key ways that your online activity can impact divorce proceedings.

Fueling the fire in family disputes

Divorce is still commonly perceived as an adversarial process, where one side of the family takes on the other and a winner surfaces at the end. In reality, this is not how it works. When matters are highly conflicted, there are no winners. It is actually usually in the best interests of all parties to keep tempers down to a minimum and encourage cooperation rather than conflict.

While there are bound to be tough days during your divorce, it may be better to vent your frustrations in private, to a friend or family member who you trust. If you make a post on social media, you never truly know who is going to see it. Even if someone on your former spouse’s side of the family doesn’t see it directly, through mutual connections, the message may be passed on to them.  

Your posts tell a story

Throughout divorce proceedings, the court will be contemplating your role as a parent and the contributions you may or may not have to make to your former spouse. You may post a picture of your new car on social media or snaps of your latest night out. Although these are harmless in themselves, they can also paint a narrative. You do not want to come across to the court as a party animal parent or someone who is reckless with their money.

Social media plays a huge part in our lives and this is worth remembering during divorce. It is important to exercise caution on the internet, as information is readily available to anyone who is tech-savvy.  As you navigate the divorce procedure, be sure to assess your legal options.