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Signs that you and your spouse are drifting apart

| Sep 6, 2021 | Divorce

One reason for divorce is that two people drift apart over time. This can be somewhat hard for people to deal with, as they anticipate major issues leading to the end of a marriage — adultery, addiction, criminal activity, etc. They might not have ever thought that they would simply drift away from each other and feel like they’re no longer in love. 

However, this happens all the time. It is a valid reason to get divorced, and both you and your spouse may amicably agree to part ways if you feel the same. Below are a few signs that this may be happening to you. 

You prioritize time with others

It’s fine to be happily married and still spend time with friends, but it may be a red flag if you and your spouse are with your friends more than one another. Time apart can reduce the connection between the two of you, but it can also be a sign that your connection is already fading. 

The romantic relationship ends 

If your sex life is nonexistent, it could be that you’re growing apart, even if you’re technically “happy” in the relationship. Nothing has gone wrong, but that romantic spark is missing, so the marriage could be winding down to its eventual end. 

Communication breaks down

You should feel like you can talk to your spouse about anything. If you don’t, that may mean that you’re not as close as you once were. When communication issues develop, they often widen the divide between you as little issues start to mount up. 

Is it time for a divorce?

If you and your spouse agree to end the marriage, then it’s simply a matter of considering the legal steps needed to do so.