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Creating a prenuptial agreement to reduce anxiety about marriage

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Prenuptial Agreements

Although prenuptial agreements are more popular than ever, some people still aren’t enthusiastic about asking their partners for one. They may worry about the kind of message that such an agreement sends about their commitment to the relationship before their wedding. 

Although there are many excuses to avoid considering a prenuptial agreement, there are many good reasons to draft such a document. For example, signing a prenuptial agreement now can reduce your anxiety about getting married and set the two of you up for a better chance at success.

Prenuptial agreement reduce the unknowns about marriage

Engagement and planning a wedding can be incredibly romantic, but they do little to prepare a couple for the reality of sharing their lives. Many people don’t explicitly talk about their expectations, which sets everyone up for disappointment and conflict. 

Negotiating a prenuptial agreement can serve many of the same purposes as premarital counseling. The two of you will have to talk about your expectations from the marriage itself and from one another, as well as the role you want to play in the marriage and your life goals. All of that can help you understand one another better and ensure that you meet one another’s expectations in your marriage.

Prenuptial agreements establish financial protections

Tying yourself to another person financially is a scary thought, especially if you may forgo your own income to care for the house or raise children or you have a lot of assets to protect.

Prenuptial agreements set terms for how a couple will split up their property in a divorce and when one spouse might pay support to the other. They can also protect certain property from claims in a divorce or even protect one spouse from the financial misbehavior of the other. Setting certain protections in place and discussing your expectations for marriage can reduce how anxious you feel about getting married and set you up for a successful marriage.