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Does signing a prenuptial agreement mean divorce is inevitable?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Divorce

Some people avoid prenuptial agreements because they feel like signing a prenup is an admission that you expect the marriage to fail from the start. They feel like it means that divorce is pretty much a guarantee. They think the document is going to doom the relationship from the first day. 

Is this true? It’s simply not. Signing a prenup doesn’t make you more likely to split up. Some have even said that prenups can “make marriages stronger” and help you steer clear of divorce. Don’t worry that you are already putting your new marriage on the rocks. 

Divorce is a real possibility that has to be considered

What a prenup really does is that it helps you remember that divorce is simply a real possibility — and it does happen. Couples who were unsure if marriage was the right choice get divorced, as do couples that really thought they’d stay married for life. It doesn’t make a difference how strong a marriage started out. Anyone can get divorced. 

If you do divorce, the process can be very complicated. You may worry about losing assets. You may be concerned about your inheritance or your business. In fact, some people stay in unhappy marriages because they do not want to deal with the uncertainties of a divorce. Is that really a healthy way to live? 

A prenup takes away that uncertainty. It shows that you’ve considered that divorce may happen and you want to be ready. Clearly, you still hope to stay married. But, if you don’t, you’ve addressed some of the most difficult and complex issues in advance. That can only help. 

Get help drafting your prenuptial agreement

A well-done prenuptial agreement heads off a lot of conflicts, so it’s very important to draft your prenup correctly. Be sure you know what steps to take to protect your interests. An attorney can help you understand more.