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High net worth divorce continues to play out in media

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Divorce

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As of this posting, many major media outlets continue to follow in great detail what seems to be a contentious divorce proceeding involving one of the America’s wealthiest couples. Ken and Anne Griffin are each financial fund managers, and each has an individual net worth in the billions of dollars.  So it could be said that a high net worth plus high stakes equals high visibility.

Some of the disputed issues, according to reports, include Mrs. Griffin’s expenditures for couture clothing and private plane travel, and those expenditures coming out of Mr. Griffin’s assets, so to speak.

Here is an excellent opportunity to examine some aspects of high net worth divorce: obviously, while every divorce has its financial issues, high net worth divorce often can involve expenditures that may seem unusual to other people, but may very well be entirely in line with the couple’s established lifestyle.

While the parties themselves are frequently quoted regarding their alleged comments, there may in fact be a lot more going on behind the scenes, involving both parties’ attorneys, that does not make it into the news stories. There may be negotiations, motions in court, meetings, and other actions taking place in the divorce process that encompass the many details of actually resolving the case, rather than just “exposing” various details to the public.

There is no greater reason then to consider carefully your choice of attorney, should you find yourself facing a high net worth divorce. Just to recap, a skilled family law attorney will have extensive experience in relevant issues including financial knowhow, privacy issues, and child custody issues, to name a few.

Obliviously not everyone shares the lifestyles we may read about in celebrity or high net worth divorces such as the Griffins’ – but even they share the same issues as many divorcing couples. And whatever makes headlines, there is certainly much more to every story, being worked on “behind the scenes” by their carefully chosen attorneys.

It’s important to remember that the content of this blog is intended not as legal advice, but only for information and/or discussion purposes. Should you have questions or concerns anything you have read here, it may be advisable to consult a knowledgeable family law attorney. 

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