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Temporary orders

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Alimony, Child Support, high net worth

Temporary orders

Before a divorce even comes before the court, there may be circumstances and issues that sometimes require temporary orders.  After the case has been filed, you may proceed with filing the necessary paperwork to obtain orders for more immediate adjustments in such matters as restraining orders, establishing child custody, visitation and/or support. Why are these termed “temporary orders”? Because they are temporary, in terms that the order is valid only up to the date that the trial is to take place.  This is usually done by filing a Request for Order (RFO).

At an RFO hearing, the judge will address and question both parties involved in the divorce. It is worth noting that the judge may look to the party bringing the RFO action to substantiate, prove, and/or justify the request being made, something lawyers like to call “the burden of proof.” Papers from both parties will have been submitted previous to the hearing, and at the hearing, new information may also be submitted in support (or defense) of the issue at hand.

These RFO hearings are not meant to intimidate or punish divorcing spouses, and they are not practice sessions for the upcoming trial. They are serious meetings meant to address only urgent types of problems that require court intervention.

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