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Social media and divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2014 | Divorce

Social Media

Social media has, for many of us, become a significant a part of our daily lives. Many people refer to, and depend upon, social media several times each day to keep them informed about other people, those close to them such as family and friends, and others with whom they have no close personal affiliation such as companies, organizations, or celebrities.

From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest to Instagram, people are engaging, communicating, and sharing their relationships, likes, dislikes, and opinions on social media for the world to see.

Schools regularly monitor social media sites for instances of cyberbullying. Employers also may be keeping an eye on what their employees are saying and doing. Attorneys have also appropriated social media as an investigative tool. For example, some people might post seemingly innocuous sentiments such as “I am doing fine” or “What a great day”. Now imagine if they were in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit, and how something like this could be twisted to the advantage of the opposing side.

Some people experiencing problems in their relationships turn to social media to share the circumstances of these problems as well as their feelings and emotions. They may call a spouse a colorful name. They may describe in detail their spouse’s shortcomings, including personal problems, in intimate detail. This is an everyday occurrence on social media, and when you are “in the moment” you may not realize that what you post may someday return to haunt you. In some divorce proceedings, including hearings relating to custody and guardianship, the verbiage of a text or social media posting could be utilized by a lawyer who is not on your side. Remember, feelings are part of life. But we believe that, especially when one is in the midst of a legal battle, not each and every personal feeling or thought should—or ought—to be shared on social media. Even if your settings are “private”, it is prudent to assume that whatever you post, wherever you post it, will at some point be shared with the person or people you least wish to share with.

At Dinnebier & Demmerle, we focus on family law and all matters relating to divorce. If you are contemplating divorce, your wisest move might not be to post that news online. We suggest you give us a call instead. Put the extensive knowledge and experience of Orange County’s premier family law specialists on your side. We are here to help, with answers to your questions and solutions to your legal issues. To set up a consultation, call us at 714-598-3714.