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When Is a Good Time to Get Divorced If You Have Kids?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Divorce

Tustin Divorce Lawyer

Whether you’re still nursing a 6-month-old, or you have four children between the ages of 8 and 3, you’re contemplating getting a California divorce. But you’re not sure how to time the separation to make things as easy as possible on your children.

On the one hand, you have basically made up your mind that you and your spouse are incompatible, for whatever reason. On the other hand, you recognize that your children are at a tender age; you want to shield them from life’s painful drama as much as possible.

Many schools of thought have emerged about this topic, and child development experts and lay commentators all have shared strong opinions. Some people argue that you should divorce immediately, so that you don’t expose children to a tense family atmosphere. Others urge parents to delay divorce as much as possible, ideally until the kids leave the house. And people have argued for every position in between.

But what can legitimate science actually tell us about this topic? Moreover, how should you deal with your own emotions and thoughts? Analyzing the science about the effects of divorce on children can be intellectually fascinating, but you have a real, practical question. You need grounded adviceabout what to do next (and what not to do).

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