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What the Southern California Wildfires Can Teach Us about California Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2014 | Child Support, Divorce

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In middle of May, an awful series of wildfires scorched Southern California, burning many houses in towns like Carlsbad and forcing the closure of literally dozens of school districts. What can this awful event (or perhaps, better put, series of events) teach us about how to manage the complexities of a California divorce?

1. First off, the fires – like divorce itself – are somewhat unpredictable.

Wildfires rage through the Southland every year, but you can’t really predict in advance which areas will be struck and how badly, nor can you “time out” the issues in advance. Likewise, divorce can suddenly drive apart seemingly “perfect” couples at times.

2. Divorce, like wildfires, can leave incredible swaths of destruction.

This destruction is not limited to broken dishes and doors knocked off their hinges by slamming. Dear family relationships can be damaged, if not irrevocably broken. Taxes and legal fees can dent the assets of the couple. And the divorce can even have indirect effects on the community at large. For instance, maybe the divorcing couple provides services for the community. If they go absent or underperform for months because of the divorce, they could create problems for people who rely on their services or products.

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