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How to Raise Kids When You’re Going Through a California Divorce – Part 5

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support

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Are you embroiled in a California divorce or separation while raising small children? If so, you face unique challenges regarding managing your time, money and psychology.

Obviously, there are no easy, one size fits all solutions. But, hopefully, this series has given you some ammunition (i.e. strategies and tactics) to make your situation more bearable and more likely to lead to satisfying results.

Of course, what “results” exactly, do you hope to obtain?

•    Are you looking to rebuild your finances, start a business or become wealthy?
•    Do you hope to finish raising your kids successfully… or re-partner and have more kids?

Questions like these are important to contemplate. After all, the answers could have a profound impact on what you do during and after the divorce. For instance, your money goals will dictate the negotiating strategies you might use during the divorce. Your long term family planning goals will dictate what custody and time sharing arrangements you hope to achieve. You might have crystal clear ideas about how you want your life to unfold after the divorce, or your future might look blurry right now.

If you can’t come up with precise goals, don’t beat yourself up!

Successful people don’t necessarily come up with concrete visions and then plow towards those goals with breakneck speed. Instead, they act more like Columbus – they set their sites in a “generally westward direction” and then adjust course as need be.

Do have a general idea of how you want to live your life? Do have solid the values for how you want to conduct yourself? If so, that should be good enough.

Your next step should be find people and resources to help you prioritize and strategize. Call the Dinnebier & Demmerle team immediately for assistance with your needs.