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What Happens After You Win Your Child Custody Fight – Part II

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation


Once you’ve got your kids (for at least a substantial chunk of the week), what should you do with them? A little planning can go a long way. Here are some tips to make the journey easier.

Cook meals in advance.

You probably know your kids’ favorite recipes. Rather than waste visitation time slaving over the stove, cook multiple meals and freeze them. That way, you can simply thaw, reheat, and serve those yummy meals and then chill out with your kids. Maybe you could designate one day a week (when you don’t have the kids) to cook up a storm and store the food for visiting days.

Plan events that complement (and supplement) what your kids do with the other spouse.

Perhaps your ex-wife loves taking your kids to ballet lessons and dance class. Or maybe she is “all about” doing athletics with the kids. If that’s the case, round out their experiences by doing more bookish activities, like taking them to see plays or doing word games with them.

Lean on other parents (and friends and family members) to help with the workload.

Hanging out with young kids is not always a simple or stress-free process. In fact, if you have young kids (or teenagers), the experience can be quite the opposite. Just because you no longer have your spouse to consult on child rearing does not mean that you need to make decisions in a vacuum or spend the entire visit acting as a coach/chief/entertainer. Find other people who can support you and share the child rearing/child entertaining journey.

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