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What Happens After You Win Your Child Custody Fight – Part I

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation


Right now, you and your ex-spouse are locked in a contentious battle over your marital assets and child visitation arrangement. But what will happen at the conclusion of your legal battles? What if you win? The challenges don’t end there.

In this post and several to follow, we’ll take a look at several challenges that custodial parents face, even after all the legal fireworks finish up, and we’ll offer strategic suggestions.

As quickly as possible (within reason), develop a schedule and routine.


Hopefully, you can work out a systematic schedule with the other parent that will meet everyone’s needs (or at least come close to doing so). Try to stick to that schedule. Kids like structure, and adults like it, too. Don’t fear routine.

Develop your own traditions with your kids.

Let’s say that you get the kids from Thursday through the weekend. You might develop a tradition of “making weird alien pancake friends” every Saturday morning and a tradition of going to the park on Sunday afternoon to run around and fly kites. By creating these weekly milestones, you’ll cement your bonds with your kids and give them things to look forward to throughout the week. You’ll also free yourself from the tyranny of having to “invent what to do” during every visit.

Of course, first you need to succeed with your divorce and/or child custody matter. For help managing the dynamic aspects of your California divorce, connect with the team here at Dinnebier & Demmerle today for a confidential consultation.