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5 Common Mistakes Husbands Make During Orange County, California Divorces – Part II

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Divorce


Today, we continue exposing and learning from common divorce mistakes.

4. Failing to learn from mistakes.

What did you do wrong in your relationship? What could you have done better? What lessons do you want to take to any relationship you form in the future?

It can be both challenging and rewarding to engage in introspection after a divorce. By taking responsibility for went wrong, you can correct your behaviors, beliefs, and actions going forward. For instance, maybe you didn’t spend enough time with your wife. Or maybe you married someone who didn’t share your values or your vision for how life should play out. Once you understand the root causes of the break up, you’ll likely become far more forgiving of the other person and far more likely to get what you need in future relationships.

5. Failing to rebuild and nurture your social support network.

Many men (and some women) fail to get enough social support after divorce. This can be hugely problematic. After all, one of the biggest things that “goes away” after divorce is your built-in social support network. You may feel the urge to retreat into your own world. Resist that urge. Rekindle relationships with friends, with family members, and with people in your community. Give yourself the gift of forming new relationships, of traveling, and of “getting out there.” Sure, some mournful introspection is totally normal. But avoid letting yourself get too isolated.

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