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9 Tips for Setting Up a Prenuptial Agreement (The Smart Way) – Part 3

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements


Here are three more “best practices” for setting up prenuptial agreements in California — designed to help you and your fiancé protect your rights and feel in control.

7.  Separate out any child support/custody issues from other marriages.

The new marital estate should be sequestered from other obligations, such as past child support and alimony. Remember: the goal is to be fair, clear, and respectful of all parties involved.

8. Be as disclosing as possible.

Creating a workable prenuptial agreement requires a deep level of honesty and a detailed level of disclosure.

9. Unskilled discussions about prenuptial agreements can cause tensions and emotional strife. Be brave enough to talk about your feelings and needs and strong enough to listen to your partner’s feelings and needs.

Many people can accept the concept of a prenuptial agreement, intellectually. But, emotionally, discussions about the contract can make people feel ill at ease. The prenuptial might seem to threaten needs for trust and for commitment. Try to empathize. Really listen to the other person, and be patient. Appreciate that you are trying to meet and protect your own needs and protect your relationship. Be empathetic both to yourself and to your partner.

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