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8 Tips for Communicating with Your California Family Law Attorney – Part 3

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation

Communication in Family Law

Here are three more useful tips for how to communicate well with your California family law lawyer, so that you can enjoy more peace of mind and less confusion.

6.    Journal.

It’s easier to get what you want, when you know what you want — and when you understand your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and proclivities.

Spend time – not much, maybe 15 minutes a day – journaling your thoughts and feelings about issues in your life, especially those pertaining to your child custody and/or divorce. Your journal should yield up interesting insights and generate questions to ask your attorney.

7.    Develop contingency plans.

Obviously, you hope for an equitable, reasonable outcome. But you can only control the legal process so much. Even if you retain a capable, experienced, results proven lawyer, you can never predict what the Court will do or what your spouse will do.

To protect yourself (and your family), draw up contingency plans. Have the courage to confront scenarios that might make you uncomfortable. For instance, you could lose your custody battle or wind up with a less than ideal child support arrangement. What would you do if that bad outcome happened? By working through these hypotheticals, you’ll feel more prepared, no matter what happens.

8.    Get started.

It’s hard to communicate with your attorney if you don’t have one!

If you haven’t yet retained a lawyer to talk about your case — and assess its strengths and weaknesses — make that goal “priority one.” Our team would be more than happy to provide a confidential, thorough case evaluation. Connect now to get started.