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8 Tips for Communicating with Your California Family Law Attorney – Part 2

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2014 | Child Support


Here are two more tips for how to communicate more effectively with your California family law attorney about your divorce, child custody, or other legal issue.

4.    Set expectations with your legal team.

Hopefully, your attorney has a specific, tested process for helping clients; answering questions; and keeping clients informed throughout the legal process. Learn this process. Try to abide by it. Do this not just to assist the attorney but also to stay feeling in control and in command of your situation.

5.    If something doesn’t feel right — or if you are confused — ask.

Many clients are, for whatever reason, intimidated about the idea of talking to lawyers. As a result, when they feel confused or agitated, they suppress their feelings or search for answers from dubious sources, like the internet. Your lawyer should be a willing mentor – someone who can help you get results in your case and who can give you support and peace of mind during the process. Going through a divorce or child custody battle can be incredibly painful. Borrow on your attorney’s guidance and equanimity to get through it.

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