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Inventing Options to Resolve Your Child Custody Battle

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Uncategorized

One of the most compelling and exciting elements of the “Getting to YES” methodology is the idea that you can “invent options” when you’re in a negotiation.

Obviously, you need to abide by rules and laws when you’re constructing a child custody and visitation plan. (One reason why you need an experienced legal team to guide you.) But even within that somewhat rigid framework, you can use genuine creativity to come up with solutions that meet your needs, meet your children’s needs, and, ideally, even meet your spouse’s needs.

This process works because it focuses on understanding needs and interests — rather than haggling over positions. It helps people be more flexible and open-minded.

For instance, maybe you’re trying to negotiate a child support arrangement with your husband. And maybe he has core needs to take care of himself and grow his business. If so, try to construct a child support/visitation arrangement that will let him care for himself and grow his business on his terms. Even by demonstrating that you’re TRYING to meet his needs, you’ll go a long way to getting the results you want for yourself and your children.

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