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Making The Most Out Of Spousal Support

One of the first things many of our clients express concern over is their potential alimony order. Regardless of whether you are the recipient of an alimony payment or the payer of one, there are legal tools at your disposal that can make your spousal support order fairer – if you know how to use them.

At Dinnebier & Demmerle, we know that spousal support is very stressful because it is at the intersection of two highly sensitive areas: your personal and your financial life. Our attorneys help you navigate the spousal support process. Our Tustin office is available to talk about your case at your convenience.

Did You Know That There Are Many Kinds Of Spousal Support?

Alimony agreements are tailored to the couple, meaning that the courts will consider many different factors about your marriage and personal life when determining a fair agreement. Your alimony will take into account:

  • How long you and your ex were married and the division of work in your marriage, including factors like time spent outside the workplace to care for your children or home
  • Whether you and your ex are able to work and support yourself
  • Your medical limitations, like if you have a long-term disability or chronic illness
  • If you or your ex remarries or makes a substantial change to their circumstances

Regardless of whether your spousal support is a temporary or permanent arrangement, fairness is the priority. Work with our office for an advocate who will fight for you.

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