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Answering Your Divorce Questions

We understand that the uncertainty surrounding divorce can be as difficult as the breakdown of the relationship; you have many questions and few answers. At Dinnebier & Demmerle, our goal is to give you the full picture.

Our attorneys are well situated to support you throughout divorce. From the very beginning, we make sure you have a say in your future and the tools you need to move forward in a positive direction. The information below is general, but we want you to have the specifics. Call us today at our Tustin office for a one-on-one appointment: 714-598-3714.

Will my divorce go to trial?

Some divorces do need to go before a judge, but the vast majority do not. If you and your ex are prepared to sit down and negotiate, we can often avoid the courtroom entirely. Our goal is to limit your time in court and maximize your time living your life.

How long does divorce take?

Some divorces take as little as a few weeks, others take months. The timeline is a question of complexity. People with children or substantial assets should expect divorce to take longer. Our attorneys will go over a timeline in detail with you at your consultation.

Can I talk about my divorce online?

Discussing the details of your divorce online often backfires. If you need to say something about your divorce online, we recommend talking to your attorney before hitting “post.”

Do I need to hire a certified family law specialist?

There are many options for an attorney. Working with a certified specialist means that you know your attorney meets rigorous standards both in legal knowledge and in their approach to family law.